Eleventh Revolution
September 14, 2004
What the hell's wrong with Wisconsin? Recent Gallup polls put him up by as much as 8 points, when as recently as two months ago, Kerry enjoyed a comfortable 4-5 point lead. Doesn't the Badger State have a strongly divided population, spill-the-blood reds and girly-man blues? And doesn't the state further have a growing population of the latter? And didn't the state go Gore in 2000? What gives?

Even Zogby's interesting interactive poll, which tilts far further blue than any other tracking polls, has Kerry with only a marginal lead. Trippi discussed it today. His analysis:

Wisconsin is a must win state for Kerry.

The problem for John Kerry now is not just winning Wisconsin – it’s bigger than that. The problem is that spending time and resources to win Wisconsin will mean less time and fewer resources for other battleground states such as Ohio, where Kerry is down by 8 points, Florida, where Kerry is down by 4 points, and Pennsylvania, where Kerry is down by only 1 (statistically insignificant) point.

Come on Cheeseheads, get your act together.

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