Eleventh Revolution
September 11, 2004
Revolution Time

Before starting this blog, I hosted another, more publicly, for almost two years. Toward the end of that span, I was convinced the reign of George Walker Bush was near its end. I was convinced that only a deeply passive, ignorant, lazy, and intellectually corrupt citizenship could allow an incompetent thug like Bush to remain in power. No democracy, surely, is that slack-jawed and submissive.

It appears our democracy is in fact that slack-jawed and submissive, as Bush retains a slight lead with 50 days before the election.

Whether he wins or not makes little difference in the larger scope. America, ripe for a revolution, may not have the balls to accomplish it. With Bud Light, a Cowboys game, X-Boxes and free internet porn, we have been adequately pacified. If Bush wins, it will signal a far longer and more dangerous revolution. If he loses, and we can, by some strange circumstance, manage to govern ourselves responsibly again, perhaps the revolution will be shorter, less dangerous, possibly less violent.

This blog is a call to revolution. Many blogs follow the atrocities, dig up lesser-seen news, exhort a wired readership to keep its eye on the ball. Other blogs attend to specific spheres of catastrophe. Excellent. But lest you need to be reminded--and you do--none of it makes a good goddamn unless some of us are ready to put aside the porn and pick up the baseball bat (or keyboard) and wade into the battle.

We fucked up, folks. We elected George W. Bush. But let us not wallow in shame--it's not the first time we've fucked up. We kept humans as slaves, we nuked Nevadans, we grinningly sprayed DDT on our tulips. But we managed to snap out of it in time. We just nuked ourselves again. Time to snap out of it.

Please. We did not elect George Bush. And I'm still not sure he's electable.

Take heart.
Taking heart was worthwhile four years ago. Now we need to take action. Not to be glib--all right, being glib--but we're really going to have to start fighting like the republic defends on it.
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