Eleventh Revolution
September 14, 2004
Porter Goss

For some reason, incompetence is no longer a liability. To wit: Porter Goss, who is a former CIA agent and was on the Congressional Intelligence Committee, is more culpable than nearly any other member of Congress in the two greatest intel failures in American history: the failure to gather intel that might have prevented the 9/11 attacks and the success in gathering bogus intel (read: propaganda) that led to the invasion of a non-threatening sovereign nation.

Instead, everyone's focused on Goss's partisanship. Admittedly, this is enough to disqualify him as head of the CIA--if such a position shall even exist six months hence. His crimes aren't particularly that he's an attack dog for the right, but that he's got the stink of ass on his cheek, having spent so long in Dick Cheney's back pocket. That stink is, I suppose, yet another aroma of incompetence wafting off this nominee.

Bush wants a political victory, and the Dems are going to give it to him. Their calculation: he'll lose in November and no harm done. It's a hefty risk, and if their dice come up craps, we'll have to deal with yet another high-ranking political flack, as competent as Doug Feith, Johnny Ashcroft, and Paul Wolfowitz overseeing American intelligence during an intelligence war.

Props all around, folks.

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