Eleventh Revolution
September 13, 2004
Morning blog roundup...

Atrios still hates him, but Andy's fun to read now that he's on the Bush warpath.

BUSH'S WAR STRATEGY: His brilliance as a war-leader, so heralded at the New York convention, bears new fruit. The Iraqi government is beginning to lose control of Baghdad now. I think the Rove political strategy must now be simply to hope that no one notices anything that is happening in Iraq before they vote in November. Just say after me: 9/11, 9/11, 9/11. If anyone brings up Iraq today, just put your fingers in your ears and start singing loudly.

Jesse on trial lawers:

Like liberal media bias, Iraq's threat to America, or the idea of people who aren't tourists voluntarily putting heaps of Cheese Whiz on food that's meant to be consumed, the specter of trial lawyers over the American landscapeis vastly overstated, almost uncontrollably demonized, and based in large part on the assertion that it must be true, and anyone who denies it is simply blind, lying, or both.

Kevin Drum:

FLAG BURNING....Still no budget? Who cares? As promised, it appears that the Republican leadership in the Senate plans to waste time this session bringing up a cynical flag burning amendment whose sole purpose is to make Democrats fidget.

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