Eleventh Revolution
September 14, 2004
Head Crack

The man who lives across the street from me has surreptitiously mounted a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on the ass of his Jeep. In our enclave of liberal rebellion, our old wooden homes and perennial gardens, my neighbor has his own enclave-in-an-enclave: a 60s ranch home with an emerald lawn of razor lines.

His is the face of Bush Nation. I've studied it well and have come to a conclusion about the nature and propensity of voters in Bush Nation. But first, a little background on the neighbor. He drives a delivery truck for a living, owns three four-wheeled vehicles and one two-wheeler. He is not wealthy. His neighbors on both sides are black, and his girlfriend is Filippino. He lives in a major city on the West Coast and presumably avoids discussion of politics with friends and relatives who, if the odds hold up, voted by three-quarters against his man in the last election.

(I should also stop to mention that according to political scientists, only ten percent of Americans have a coherent political philosophy. Understanding politics is apparently a complex effort, and even very intelligent, educated citizens have failed to accomplish this modest task.)

So Dwayne (as we'll call my neighbor) works for peanuts, illicitly screws his Asian girlfriend (anyway, I see her leave his place in the morning), and is exposed mostly to liberals. Dwayne is our problem. Dwayne is the front line of the revolution. Dwayne is never going to be politically aware, but in a different era, he would have voted for FDR, Adlai, and Kennedy. So what gives?

Dwayne's the kind of guy who consults the ancient part of his brain, the part that goes back to when we were lizards, and forms his oppinion based on the same criteria he chooses a football team. For Dwayne, it's all about who cracks heads the best.

(Don't go there. I understand that Dubya is a mincing aristocratic chickenshit who neither worked an honest day nor fought a single battle on his own, but that's an argument for someone with a political philosophy, not Dwayne.)

For Dwayne to come back into the fold, the liberals must start cracking heads. We're not in the towellhead cracking business (to employ a phrase that appeals to Dwayne's lizard brain), so that won't do. Ah, but all is not lost.

During the days of broad shoulders, when FDR was head Nazi head cracker, liberals were known for having the balls to put the wood (literally) to Wall Street aristorcrats who refused to pay their workers a living wage. Start cracking a few rich heads, and you're in good with the Packer crowd.

Until then, I gotta look at that goddam Bush/Cheney sticker.
It sounds like you need to get over Dewayne or MOVE. Also, you should be very thankful that Pretty Boy Clinton wasn't in the White House when the Towers & the Pentagon was attacked. Bush did a great job for our country when that happened.
Alot of blame is pointed at Bush because of the economy, have you EVER looked at what it cost for the clean up and recovery of those planes going into our buildings cost? I heard people say after the attacks that it wouldn't effect our economy, well, look again. It has and still is. They hit us where it hurt, not counting loosing over 3,000 Americans. This GREAT COUNTRY of ours is suffering to this day because of those attacks. I pray for us everyday, I hope you do too.
Ah--bless you, my son (or daughter). I christen thee: first troll.

Your literate take on geopolitics gives me pause. Perhaps I am mistaken. I do particularly like your suggestion to pray. I will at the least take your advice there. I will include, softie that I am, not only those who were bombed, not only those whose lives "changed forever," but also those who did the bombing. I will include the President, who has himself led an assault on a nonthreatening country, killing far more innocents than the terrorists who were never connected to Iraq in the first place. I will pray for all those who seek to kill as any option, not only those who, blinded by xenophobia, kill out of misguided notion of humanitarianism. I'll pray for us all.
Damn, Hugo, you are most fortunate to live in a liberal enclave in Denton. If there exists a liberal oasis in this part of Denton County, they're really on the down low.

There are liberals scattered around hither & yon, but each of us mistakenly thinks the other is a redneck fascist pig, so our paths tend not to cross. Maybe I'll recognize 'em in the re-education camps.

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